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FOX News
Oct 2, 2012 1:00am PDT
. >> bill: campaign 2012 segment tonight. in florida. allen west running against allen murphy. the polls say murphy is ahead. mr. west put out this ad. >> february 16th, 2003, fort hood, texas. lt. colonel allen west had just received deployment orders and prepares his men to go to war. that night south beach, murphy. thrown out of a club for fighting alcohol and unable to stand. murphy confronts and verballably assaults a police officer. patrick murphy was arrested and taken to jail-time. two men, a country in crisis. you decide. >> i'm allen west, and i approve this message. >> bill: all right. joining us now from washington. mary katharine ham and juan williams both fox news analyst. juan, a fair ad. >> all is fair in love war and politics. this is an example of it of course, effective ad. viewed in isolation it's effective gosh one man served his country and the other guy was drunk in a bar. it does ignore the fact that murphy was a college freshman 19 years old. it does open the door to looking at west' military record. you remember he was criminally charged with assault and essentially
Oct 7, 2012 10:30am EDT
.s. congressman, chris murphy. live coverage begins at 11:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. >> here is a look at the voting process for active duty military personnel serving the u.s. and abroad. from "washington journal" it is about 30 minutes. caller: i retired in 1991. the years. militaryve gotten the so involved, when i was there, the military could not participate in political affairs publicly and particularly its uniform but they encouraged that everybody would vote. now understand that under the new voter i.d. laws, i was told that in some cases, they are shifting id's from people who don't have an expiration date. i retired in 1991 and i have had the same id card for 21 years. guest: sergeant major, thank you for your service. i served on active duty the same time you did. i retired in 2004 and i joined in 1984. i am revealing my age now -- there are voting assistance officers on every duty station. if you are working in the battalion headquarters or company headquarters, you might be aware of who that is. i was a logistics marine which meant i was driving a tractor trailers, served t
Oct 3, 2012 11:00pm PDT
murphy a columnness for "time" magazine. from washington, albert hunt, executive editor of bloomberg news. from denver john dickerson, cbs news' political director and political correspondent at and joining us also from denver katty kay of the bbc. i'm pleased to have all of them for this event we've all been waiting for. i go to al hubble. a simple question, who won, who lost, why. >> i don't know if that's simple but if i had to pick i would say governor romney won. he set the awe general de more than the president did. he affectively and aggressive attacked the president's record and did a pretty good job defending his own. ice going to have problems the next couple days on taxes however because he is proposing a $6 trillion tax cut and he hasn't said how he'll pay for it. but he still i thought did very well on most counts tonight. barack obama surprised me. i wouldn't call him he was passive tonight. he seemed to pull back a little bit on dodd-frank and preexisting conditions and loopholes. he had a good line but didn't quite deliver it with any kind of sharpness. never me
FOX News
Oct 7, 2012 3:00am PDT
the deck. and long island native michael murphy was killed in afghanistan in 2005. during an ambush, murphy man into the line of fire to call for help. and helped to dedicate the ship in th ship, his parents, and they'll join us later. >> and rick is back from his paul bunyan-- how did you get down from the tree. >> soft pillow. >> i just fell. in southern pennsylvania, clayton's territory, beautiful, spectacular the fall leaves are looking great and feeling like fall and see that in your temperatures as you're making up much cooler,s the great lakes and the northeast than you were 24 hours ago. and this is where the changes ever. the front is bringing a little bit of rain and little bit of snow mixing in across parts of the great lakes with colder air this morning and maybe a few flakes higher elevations of pennsylvania and upstate new york, but for the most part. scattered showers on and off and cooler day, everything is remaining dry once again workser' in the driest stretch in seattle. a lot of fires we talked about and significant fires and the dry air continues. i'm going to talk abou
FOX News
Oct 6, 2012 3:00am PDT
murphy is named for long island native. murphy was killed during ambush in 2006. dispit despite being shot he left a safe spot and ran into the line of fire in order to call for help. it has a crew of about 300 and will be stationed in hawaii. all right, ladies. check it out. you are about to meet rob wilson. he has won an online competition to become the first ever male model on the price is right. >> what are you saying? >> i'm saying finally gender equality. we have waited this long. >> why does he have his top off? the women don't have their tops off? >> maybe it's not complete gender equality. >> it's an outrage. >> he beat out hundreds of hucky hopefuls where they strutted their stuff for the show's producers. he will be on for a week starting october 15th. >> i'm sick of being object find -- objectified. >> what's is the job? you stroke appliances, right you? go here is the dishwasher? >> exactly. >> so you are qualified. >> he is going to be there showing off a boat, when someone wins a jet ski or water ski. >> i like the show already. >> rick, it's a big weekend. in the world
Oct 6, 2012 10:30pm EDT
season. now it's the post season and they ready to make more history. lindsay murphy is in st. louis on the eve of play-off game number one. >> reporter: good evening from st. louis. the nationals are the best team in baseball, and they have been for most of the season and that confidence will go a long way in the series against the reigning world series champions the cardinals. they have met seven times this season with the nationals winning four of the games. now, these are the biggest games. the mlbs begins tomorrow and the nats are ready. >> and that is a long season. that is a season filled with ups and downs and never had a chance to go to the ups and downs and have more games to play and that is definitely a good feeling and exciting feeling. and i think everyone in this room thinks that, you know, we have a long way to go still. and i think we have to keep playing the game like we have played it all year and we'll be fine. >> and to play the game we're playing all year and not try to change anything, you know. we have the best record in baseball and that means nothing now, yo
Oct 4, 2012 2:00pm PDT
democrat chris murphy in that senate race for the seat held by joe lieberman. mcmahon, 48%, murphy, 47%. i think she just went ahead. in missouri senator claire mccaskill six points over republican todd akin. explained by the fact that libertarian candidate has got nine. that's valuable information there. look at this, in arizona a new ppp poll there shows democrat richard carmona, the former surgeon general of the united states, leading congressman jeff flake by two in the race to replace senator jon kyl. it's carmona, 45%, flake, 43%. i guess plak is not a good name for a candidate. we'll be right back. flake is noe for a candidate. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people, like you, are choosing advil® because it helps you keep doing what you love. no wonder it's america's #1 selling pain reliever. you took action, you took advil®. and we thank you. is an awesome place to be. introducing the all-new 2013 chevrolet malibu eco. ♪ sophisticated new styling, the fuel-saving intelligence of eassist, 37 mpg highway, and up to 580 highway miles on a single tan
Oct 4, 2012 4:00pm PDT
shows republican linda mcmahon with a one-point lead over democrat chris murphy in that senate race for the seat held by joe lieberman. mcmahon, 48%, murphy, 47%. i think she just went ahead. in missouri senator claire mccaskill six points over republican todd akin. explained by the fact that libertarian candidate has got nine. that's valuable information there. look at this, in arizona a new ppp poll there shows democrat richard carmona, the former surgeon general of the united states, leading congressman jeff flake by two in the race to replace senator jon kyl. it's carmona, 45%, flake, 43%. i guess flake is not a good name for a candidate. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] the first only the beginning. ♪ ♪ introducing a stunning work of technology. ♪ introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. [ "the odd couple" theme playing ] humans. even when we cross our "t"s and dot our "i"s, we still run into problems -- mainly other humans. at liberty mutual insurance, we understand. that's why our auto p
Oct 4, 2012 11:00pm PDT
republican linda mcmahon with a one-point lead over democrat chris murphy in that senate race for the seat held by joe lieberman. mcmahon, 48%, murphy, 47%. i think she just went ahead. in missouri senator claire mccaskill six points over republican todd akin. explained by the fact that libertarian candidate has got nine. that's valuable information there. look at this, in arizona a new ppp poll there shows democrat richard carmona, the former surgeon general of the united states, leading congressman jeff flake by two in the race to replace senator jon kyl. it's carmona, 45%, flake, 43%. i guess flake is not a good name for a candidate. we'll be right back. >>> we're back. if politics is theater, and it is certainly, a presidential >>> we're back. if politics is theater, and it is certainly, a presidential debate is one of its highest forms. who better to analyze last night's drama than james lipton, host of inside the actor's studio on bravo. he joins me now. last night's opening statements set the tone for the debate and mitt romney came right out of the gate with, get this, a joke. let'
Oct 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
to say. i believe patrick murphy is dwoek to defeat alan west in southeast florida. he's worked very hard, an articulate bright young man. he's a cpand i think he has a great chance to win and i think grayson will be re-elected and get back into congress. >> should he be? do you think his style is what we need in korng? >> i think we need more civilitity. you know, everybody has their own style. but he's probably being true to himself and if the people in the district elect him, that's what the results should be. >> charlie crist, independent former government and independent senate. thanks for coming up. >>> wall street kicks off the fourth quarter. we're playing the debate expectations game with a member of romney's team though before we get to that. but first today's trivia question. how many vice presidents served under more than one president? >> send me the answer @chucktodd or @daleyrundown. the answer coming up. >>> on wednesday night in denver, mitt romney may have his last chance. >> on wednesday night mitt romney is going to be standing on the same stage as the president of the
Oct 5, 2012 5:00pm EDT
at home to face the falcons at 1. lindsay murphy is here. i have to ask you, will the skins follow the nats game at the skins game? >> of course, we have official word on that. the redskins plan to have the nats game on monitors throughout the stadium. of course, the main focus at fed ex field is rg3 and the boys. they'll try to snap the seven- game home losing streak against the undefeated atlanta falcons. earlier, coach shanahan called griffin's performance the best of his career. we'll have to move forward quickly with a tough falcons team coming to town. atlanta entered sunday's game as a 15th-ranked defense. rg-3 knows the third-ranked offense is in for a tough battle. >> they very opportunistic defense. they create a lot of turnovers and have a good offense on this out of the ball, so, that is what they trying to do. they're trying to give their offense more possessions or to say they want to steal a possession from our offense and there is something to say about being 4-0, you know, they're a good team and that is the bottom line. >> these quarterbacks make it tough, you kn
Oct 4, 2012 3:00am PDT
mike murphy, who was with john mccain in 2000 and then with mitt romney the last time around, john mccain -- mike murphy i thought said it well last night that mitt romney was better than his campaign, president obama was not as good as his campaign. you know, what i -- what bothered me the most is that president obama let mitt romney get away with lie after lie after lie. because it's not that mitt romney always told the truth. he didn't. he told lie after lie after lie but the president didn't challenge him. didn't rebut those lies. $716 billion at least three times mitt romney said that president obama cut $716 billion out of medicare. i want to save medicare. he cut $716 billion out of medicare. that went right out of benefits. and he kept saying that over and over and over again. you know that's not true. i know that's not true. all of the fact checkers have said that's not true. president obama did not say last night it's not true. and if you don't rebut it, you let it stand so people watching are going
Oct 6, 2012 11:00am PDT
. >> ali velshi reporting. >>> in new york this morning, the navy commissioned the uss michael murphy. you can see the ceremony here. the navy's new guided missile destroyer. the ship was named for a navy s.e.a.l. killed in afghanistan back in 2005. lieutenant murphy was shot when he ran out into enemy fire, trying to get a clear signal to call for back-up for his four-man team. murphy grew up on long island and was also awarded the medal of honor. >> the verdict is in for a man in the pope's inner circle, but a guilty verdict may be tempered with mercy with the release of confidential documents. >>> and military wives go topless in support of their husba husbands. find out how the pictures are launching a sizable movement. >>> and later, he was a bond, james bond. in just one movie. he reveals why he turned down the chance to do more james bond films. >> my name is bond. james bond. delicious sugar-free vitafusion fiber well gummies have more fiber than other leading brands. they're the better way to enjoy your fiber. >>> he has kept gas prices low and hopes it will help in his re-electio
Oct 6, 2012 12:00pm PDT
found that senate candidates chris murphy and linda mcmahon are locked in a dead heat as they battle for retiring senator joe lieberman's seat. right now the republican linda mcmahon holds a one-point lead, 48% to 47%. along with being one of the hardest fought and most expensive senate races in the country, it's also one of the nastiest. according to the yale "daily news," the two campaigns combined have sponsored more than 3,700 negative ads. >>> and now time once again for some trail mix. and in this case, steve martin lending his wild and crazy humor in support of a political pal. he endorsing nebraska's democratic state senator bob kerry for re-election under the guise of showing viewers how to make a crumpleded up wad of paper. and his instructions were a little naushl. >> you're going to need a blank piece of paper, some paper clips, a few brads, a stapler, a stick of gum, some scissors, and a hammer. >> bristol palin giving a boost to mama grizzly sarah while smacking down actress julianne moore. the former "dancing with the stars" contestant says that moore who recently won
Oct 3, 2012 11:00am PDT
democratic congressman chris murphy in the polls right now. so the gal who has been all over this for us this week is our senior congressional correspondent dana bash. our guide to all these key, you know, senate races, and dana, i know today, you want to focus on the two senate races cause something surprising problems for both parties and that they have to defend turf they didn't expect to have to defend. talk to me about indiana first. >> that's right. that's a great example for republicans. it was a republican senate seat, has been held by richard lugar for decades. he is a moderate. and a tea party backed republican candidate, as he's mentioned, richard murdoch, won the republican primary and democrats have been pounding him as too conservative for the state, which is used to having senators from both parties who tend to work across party lines. he's running against a moderate democratic congressman who was really playing up his centrist credentials. and so this is a red state, but democrats really think they have an in because of their candidate. i want you to look at the two ads r
Oct 3, 2012 4:00am EDT
the u.s. economy is recovering, though. joining us now is steve murphy, a democratic strategist and managing partner at mvar, and gretchen hamill is a republican strategist and executive director at public notice. nice to have you both with us. steve, perhaps you can kick it off for us. what do you think tonight holds? >> you know, here's what barack obama has to do. the debate right now in the campaign is very heavily over economic policy going forward. that's where barack obama wants to focus. he will accuse mitt romney of seeking $4 trillion, $5 trillion in additional tax cuts for the wealthy while raising taxes on the middle class. there will be a lot of talk about that because mitt romney disputes that he would be cutting taxes -- excuse me, raising taxes on the middle class. at the same time, he's challenged. obama's challenge is not to be too cocky. with good reason, he gets cocky sometimes. he's got to be careful that he doesn't is a moment like he had in the new hampshire debate in 2008 where he said hillary is likable enough. he has to avoid that kind of characteristic
Oct 7, 2012 9:00am PDT
. >> so the second look that murphy is talking about, does that have a lasting impact? one or two news cycles and then it is forgotten? >> it certainly can have a lasting impact, the debates are a very big moment in the presidential campaigns. right now, we're already seeing that mitt romney is using personal stories in the debate of people he met on the campaign trail. and using them on the stump in states like florida, as he is doing this weekend. we are seeing a more energetic and happier mitt romney. and that is a good image for him. and of course, we're seeing ads come out about the debates on both sides and could stop a second look. but it should help, for now. >> so david, the second presidential debate, could it potentially erase all the talk like this. because the president is not going to be caught flat-footed the second time around, i'm guessing? >> i highly doubt it. he is very competitive. and when he is on his game he is very good. so i think what it does is raise expectations to a degree for romney. but also for the president, because all of us are expecting him to come
Oct 5, 2012 7:00am EDT
your social life. >> reporter: one cast member was missing, brittany murphy, who passed away in 2009. is there a memory that you think to when you think of your time on "clueless." >> the laugh. contagious. >> so, so, genuinely sweet. >> yeah. >> for a week, i couldn't believe it was real. >> reporter: your character, cher, had to take her under her wing. and help her come into herself. >> and taught her sporadically. >> sporadic means once in a while. try using it in a sentence today. >> see you. >> i hope not sporadically. >> reporter: where would your characters be today? >> i think dionne would be a fashion editor in new york. >> i think amber would be married to an extremely wealthy man. and driveling him crazy. >> i think i'd be an aging backup dancer for lady gaga. >> reporter: where would travis be? >> i like travis and tai would probably still be together. and would create some instagram by accident. >> i would write romantic novels. they're really good. >> reporter: and where would cher be? >> yeah. married to her brother. >> yeah. >> unbelievable. but it really was a fun e
Oct 5, 2012 2:00pm EDT
, the connecticut senate debate, linda mcmahon against chris murphy. that the date is sunday morning, 11:00 eastern on c- span. >> need to tackle our challenges before they tackle us. we need to save and strengthen medicare and social security, and we are putting the ideas on the table. we are going to save these benefits for seniors and my generation so these promises are kept. >> they have laid out that what barack obama and joe biden did is they stole money from medicare and have done "obamacare." nothing could be further from the truth. >> thursday night, paul ryan and joe biden will face off in their only debate. this is from center college in danville, ky. you can watch beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern, followed by the debate at 9:00. as the presidential candidates meet for the debates, we are asking high school students to send a message to the president as part of the student cam competition. students will answer the question, what is the most important issue? there is $50,000 in total price is available. it is open to students grades 6 through 12. go online to >> the associa
Oct 4, 2012 6:00am EDT
coverage from connecticut where republican linda mcmahon and chris murphy debate to replace joe leishman. see it live -- joe lieberman. see it sunday on c-span. >> this is the first -- this is my fifth book, but the first i've written where there's an actual sustained storyline running through it. it's a true story of about, basically, ten days in london in 1854. and it's a story of an incredibly terrifying outbreak that took place during this period, an outbreak of cholera. and, in fact, the first half of the book is really quite, um, sobering and frightening in some way, um, as this outbreak just devastates this neighborhood in the western edge of soho. but it also turns into being, actually, i think a much more optimistic story because the events of this little stretch of time turn out to be central to solving the riddle of where the cholera was coming from and then, ultimately, setting up a series of kind of public health initiatives and other strategies for basically eliminating cholera as a threat from london and from other cities around the world. >> stephen johnson is our guest s
Search Results 0 to 44 of about 45 (some duplicates have been removed)